Ways How Animated Logos Reduce the Bounce Rate On Your Website

You’ve made so much effort to get your potential client on your website. But unfortunately, that was a short-lived happy moment as they instantly moved to another one. Such a tricky situation, right? That could be the case with you if you fail to win the attention of your viewer.

Remember, the internet is like a basket, and you’re one of the fruits in it. Your potential consumer has the choice to select any fruit that attracts them. At that moment, you need that extra something to stand out among the fruits in the baskets. So, what can it be? ?
How about working on the first possible website element they’ll see – your website logo. When we say work on, yes, you can just enhance the color scheming, change the typography, improve the sizing, but here’s a question – why stop there?

Why not wow them with a unique experience engraved in their minds for the times to come? You guessed it right – we’re talking about Animated Logos.

Have you taken the leap of faith yet and used an animated logo on your website? If you haven’t, you’re clearly unaware of the possible business success you can enjoy with an animated logo.

That’s precisely why you’re in the right place, as we’ll talk about how animated logos can give you that push and attract clients.
Let’s begin.

Longer Attention



Remember, your website might not be the first one that your potential client views, but you’d want it to be the website they need. For that to happen, you can give them that fresh experience, as seeing similar website structures and static logos can be boring.

Your goal is to earn the gratification of your viewers, and what better way to do it than to express your brand identity with a dynamic logo? That’s the experience awaiting your potential clients to make them go, “Wow, that was cool.”

Now, your viewer is curious and wants to know more about what your brand offers. So, an animated logo is perfect for persuading your viewers to explore your website.

More curiosity = higher conversions.

Better Storytelling



Your brand is more than just a bunch of strokes with typography. It needs way more than just a plain static logo. That’s why you need animated logos to help you expand your brand value. Unlike static logos, animated logos can be instrumental in telling what your brand can do. All that with just your website logo.

Besides that, video content is already the preferred media for most people. So, imagine what animated logos can do for your brand development.

Creative Freedom



Font size, style, colors, taglines, strokes, and that’s it. When you go for a static logo, there are multiple limitations and restrictions to deal with. As a result, you can’t unleash your full array of creativity to please your future clients.

Those constraints won’t be an obstacle in your way when developing animated logos for your website. Typographies, transitions, and animations are some of the animated logo factors to concoct the perfect formula for converting website visitors.

All you need are professionals with the expertise to develop an eye-catching animated logo. Are you still searching for a reliable animation logo service provider? If so, you can go through our blog, 6 Things to Look for in an Animation Company Before Doing Business to know the perimeters to find creative experts for an engaging animated logo.

Higher Brand Awareness



It’s a human tendency to get bored with the same experience for a long period. And you can expect the same when your potential client has viewed multiple websites throughout the day, offering the same services at similar pricing. At that moment, expecting them to remember your business name might be overestimating their memory.

That’s where you need an animated logo to enhance your brand value. You’ll be virtually speaking to the website viewer to say, “Welcome. How about exploring our website?”

Even if the viewer bounces away from the website, they may still remember you for having a website that was different from the rest. So, they might either come back or refer your website to someone else.

This can trigger growth in business stature, and that’s the ultimate goal of a website, right?

Winding It Up

An animation logo may not bring overnight success, but it’s a step in the right direction. You’ll be increasing your website traffic and converting digital viewers into consumers.

All you need is a creative animation service provider that can deliver your desired animated logo. To answer the call, you have AnimationProLabs. We have a team of highly qualified digital artists who know how to win clients.

So, tell us about your next animation project, and we’ll make it happen.