Simplify the Concepts to Make Your Viewers Understand

Explainer Video Company

Engage With Your Audience by Showing Them Their Desired Content

Consuming too much text content can often get boring. At AnimationProLabs, we have the right solutions for you. We offer explainer video services to mitigate any communication barrier with your client.

Taking services from an explainer video production company like ours can open new doors to business success.

Save Time:

Rather than asking for their queries and responding, a simple explainer video can save you a lot of time and make them understand.

Creative Elevator Pitch:

An explainer video production can serve as a very fine elevator pitch to tempt the viewer and convert them into your next client.

Higher ROI:

With a simple explainer video, you have the best chance to convert viewers into consumers. Eventually, increasing your revenue.

What Are Explainer Videos and Why Use Them?

Explainer videos are used to familiarize your potential client with your business. This can make them understand your business proposition.

Show Your Brand Creativity:

An explainer video is more than just for explaining to people about your business. It’s also a testimony to your creative sense. If your client is impressed by the efforts of developing your explainer video, you’re one step closer to convert them.

Give them a reason to become your next client by inspiring them with your innovation.

Make Sure the Right People Find You:

Do you think your explainer videos are only to impress your clients? Well, there’s another admirer of video content who can assist your business growth and connect you with the right people. That being the search engine.

With your search engine rank increasing, more chances you have that the right consumer will find you.

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The AnimationProLabs Process

High-quality work, creative streaks, and unwavering dedication to perfection form the basis of our work process.

Step 01: Discovery

We take the time to evaluate your business needs, asking you to fill a brief and concise questionnaire. We also conduct meetings with the product manager for a clear headstart.

Step 02: Script & Storyboard

Our scriptwriters write an initial draft with voiceover details to share with you for approval before moving to the next phase.

Step 03: Illustrations

Our creative artists prepare static frames, depicting each scene of your video based on the ideas provided on the script and storyboard stage.

Step 04: Production

In this stage, we animate and produce your video, add voiceovers, music, and enhancing sound effects to complement your video

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