Masterful Ways to Illuminate Your Portfolio on Behance

You often come across things that aren’t quantifiable. Instead of having a measuring gauge, you’ll just get that impression of either ? or ?. We can go on about what these things are, but the thing is, we don’t want to bore you.

Instead of seeing us beat around the bushes, you graphic experts would want us to talk about the good stuff. So, are you looking for a clear pathway to recognition? If so, ask and you shall receive.

This blog is what you must’ve dreamt of. It’s a chance to showcase your creativity on one of the biggest graphic designing portfolio platforms you’ll find. Our blog topic may have given it away, but yes, we’re talking about Behance.

But if it was simple, everyone would do it, right?

So, even though Behance is an incredible platform, naturally, it’s like a beehive where graphic designers circle around.

For most creative experts, Behance is like a Ferrari. But here’s the catch – Ferrari is useless if you don’t know how to drive it.

Similarly, Behance won’t bring you much joy if you’re unaware of using the platform effectively.

That’s where our blog can give you that much-needed push. So, without any further delay, let’s begin.


Showing Everything ISN’T the Right Move

The more, the merrier.

That’s something we’ve grown up listening to from people around us. But that’s not a rule of thumb. Particularly on Behance, the viewers won’t have time to go through your entire work when the clock is ticking. And if they see something unimpressive, they always have the option of skipping ahead.

To avoid such unfortunate circumstances, we suggest you display your best work and the relevant one. Understand the persona of your potential viewers and structure the portfolio gallery accordingly.

Still unclear? Let’s look at an example. If you’ve predominantly worked on projects from the technology industry, along with a few projects from the medical industry, we’d suggest you only publish the technology ones. That can bring more relevancy and authority to your portfolio.

Hard as it must be, only showing your appropriate project can attract consumers.

You can attract a stream of potential clients for sustainable recognition.

Effective Marketing on Other Platforms

What you sow, so you shall reap.

As much as you’d want to be famous on Behance, you can’t ignore the other platforms. Just like a tourist, if you go to Times Square and see an ice-cream shop. Even though it would’ve been unplanned, you end up buying ice cream.

Did you understand? The ice cream guy managed to win a visitor to Times Square. Similarly, you can be the ice cream guy on digital platforms like Medium, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

Create a buzz ? and have your voice reach the right people.

Have a Crisp and Impressive Bio

I’m a graphic designer, and my potential client should only be privy to my graphic designing skills.

Well, not necessarily, since you’re not the only one out there. When your consumer is scrolling through Behance to find a reliable individual, they’re looking for that unique factor. Something different to make them go, “That is the graphic designer I need.”

This can be your experience, names of past clients, in-demand services you provide, or something else. Give them a reason how your service can benefit their business. And instead of just plain and simple words, adopt a creative tone for a more convincing message.

Connect And React

You’re right to think that Behance isn’t a social media platform. Having said that, to climb the ladder of excellence may require you to treat it as such. Build your reputation by connecting with industry professionals. This effort can put your Behance profile on notice by viewers.

No, this isn’t a literal push (that can hurt). Instead, it’s gaining a higher presence on Behance. All sounds good, doesn’t it? But the possible question on your mind is, “How can we do it?”

Well, to start off, you can start to appreciate and like other peoples’ projects and expect a quid pro quo. Have them view and react to your project. Your primary objective is to put Behance on notice. The higher the engagement, the more your profile will shine and gain eyeballs.

Very much like what you’d do on your social media platform, just with a professional purpose.

Before Saying Good-Bye

Great adventures are awaiting you, and they can start with a well-organized portfolio on Behance. We’re sure this blog would’ve been a refreshing experience with numerous discoveries.

Do you still have an appetite for learning? Well, you can pick the brains of our creative geniuses at AnimationProLabs. Our experts are always ready to provide in-depth and insightful counseling. Equipped with the knowledge and versatile experience, you can learn hacks for being successful in the creative world of graphic designing.