Expert Advice to Develop Simplified Explainer Videos

You might be offering amazing services or a unique product that can make life easy for your potential client. But to reach that stage, there are a couple of things you need to tick off.

The list is long, so we’ll choose a common complication for most businesses – how to spread your awareness about your services and products?

Well, the best way to educate your potential clients is to use an explainer video. But is that all?

Not really.

Remember, as a B2B service provider, your target consumer is a busy individual. They’d be taking out time to watch your video. So, you’d want to make it worth their while.

Are you scratching your head and thinking, “What makes a good explainer video?”

If so, you’re at the right place for the answer. In this blog, we’ll list down solid advice from our experts at AnimationProLabs about developing a high-performing explainer video.

So, without further delay, let’s begin.


Keep it Short and Sweet

“Time is of the essence.”

“Time holds no captives.”

Time flies.”

No, this isn’t a motivational lecture. We’re just elaborating on the importance of time. So, imagine how important ‘time’ will be for your viewer.

Expecting them to sit still throughout an extended video would be overestimating their patience. One of the two things may happen:

  1. They’ll not understand what your explainer video is about.
  2. They’ll close the video.


In both cases, you won’t achieve the purpose of educating your viewer.

But who said you need to create long videos to get your message across? You can cut to the chase and eliminate the unimportant parts.


The shorter the explainer video, the more chances you have to compel your potential client.

Focus On What They Want, Not What You Can Give

One of the most common mistakes that businesses make is focusing on amping up their services without taking their consumer’s needs into account.

Think about it – if you’re a digital marketing company targeting low-budget startups, what good will it do to show them PPC explainer videos?


And the answer is Nothing.


So, your investment in an explainer video may go to waste. That’s definitely not the result you’d want, right? What you need is thorough persona research to understand your audience and provide them with the desired solution.

By doing so, you’ll be sending a clear message – that you understand their needs and know how to improve their business progress.

Add Humor

A smile is more than just a gesture of happiness. It is a proven antidote to improve health. So, why not add that humor element in your explainer video?

Trust us when we say that monotonous explainer videos without any engagement don’t work.

Some of the things you might want to do are:

  • Introduce characters.
  • Use puns and jokes.
  • Make your audience think.


It’s advisable to have these factors at the start of your explainer video. Why? Because there’s always that dreaded ‘exit’ button that your viewer can use to quit watching.

Unleash your repertoire of humor at the start to trigger your viewer’s curiosity and watch till the end.

Pay Attention to the Voiceovers

One of the major misconceptions about explainer videos – It’s all based on graphics and animations. However, the other vital part of enhancing your explainer video’s effectiveness is powerful voiceovers.

The viewer should know what’s going on. It’s not like your future consumer would be interested in playing a guessing game.

Voiceovers can not only dictate what’s going but also give that extra dimension to your explainer video. It’ll be like a conversation with your viewer, giving them a walkthrough of your services or products.

Draft a Compelling Script

The foundation for a fruitful explainer video is a solid script. It’s like the peanut butter for your toast, which makes it taste better. But you have to choose your peanut butter wisely. Why? Because not every peanut butter improves the taste of your toast.

Similarly, if your explainer video script isn’t good enough, you’ll be brewing the formula for disaster. As a result, it will lead to a waste of time, effort, and money. In other words, all the scenarios you’d want to avoid.

So, the scriptwriting process holds the utmost importance for explainer video development. The entire plot from the start till the end should be easily understandable. Doing so will be a step in the right direction to create the perfect explainer video.


The Final Word

According to statistics, 43% of consumers purchase through the influence of video ads on YouTube. And guess what, your target audience might be among this 43%. All you need is a high-quality explainer video to attract their attention.

Looking for professional explainer video developers for the job? Connect with AnimationProLabs today.