5 YouTube Ads that Hooked Everyone in 2021

2022 is here, promising a string of new marketing strategies, business opportunities to unravel, and of course, clients to engage.

With that being said, there’s much in 2021 you can look behind at and take notes from. One of the inspiring aspects is YouTube ads that companies created to hook their audience.

And they managed successfully. ?

We believe the key to engaging your audience is creating an ad that does its job in the 5 seconds before the ‘skip ad’ tab appears. And that’s what these companies did. So, here’s an overview for you to feel inspiration from.

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The famous business communication platform, Slack, doesn’t need an introduction. Neither its animated videos require one, which brings us to shine the spotlight on this animated ad.

The ad came out in the middle of July and has garnered positive responses due to its take on what the future holds for Slack users.

The video contains all the elements that make the audience engagement level soar.

In a nutshell, it’s simple yet complex, leaving the viewer excited about what Slack has in store for the coming year – not to mention the visual graphics that flick in and out throughout the duration.

The best part? It doesn’t demand much time. With 30 seconds to hit the end, Slack’s recent commercial ad is the perfect example of less is always more.




Named Nora’s Joy, Toyota’s animated ad explores the joy of sharing this holiday season. And with the horrors of the pandemic leaving its mark, it’s refreshing to see a renowned brand send a heartwarming message.

The video contains no voiceover. Instead, there’s a soothing background musical composition “Starlight” by Robert DiPietro to accompany you during the one-minute commercial.

As another Covid-19 variant grips the world with people spending time away from family and friends, this ad touches the viewers’ heartstrings.

Peek Freans Rio


Who doesn’t love chocolate-filled cookies? If you do, too, get ready to feel the creativity oozing out of Peek Freans Rio’s ad!

Peek Freans has upped its animation game with unforgettable ads in the last couple of years, and this one is no exception.

Comprising a length of thirty seconds, the ad takes the viewers on a journey to explore the world of double chocolate – a visual delight for kids and adults alike.

For us, the compelling points of this commercial include:

  • Cute animated characters
  • Engaging storyline
  • Exciting visuals




The 21st century introduced us to unimaginable and innovative things, games, and business opportunities.Some rose to the challenge by creating apps like Zoom and Slack. Others took a similar approach to revolutionize the world, but it wasn’t without adverse effects.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, we’re talking about Pokémon Go – a game that developers produced to promote walking in users. However, it quickly transitioned to game addiction, causing people to use it even while walking to work, the subway, or taking a stroll down the park.

As expected, accidents became common, with the makers forced to issue a warning to be cautious.

You might be wondering where does Android come into all this?

Well, like a consumer-centric brand that has its audiences’ wellbeing at top priority, Android rose to the occasion by developing a feature to alert users. And that’s what this YouTube ad is all about.

The ad is straightforward, crisp, and hinges on the importance of being vigilant to your surroundings.

Erste Group


Not every commercial ad has to be about a sales pitch. In fact, brands have proven that a video marketing strategy can include raising voices on much-needed issues.

Erste Group is one of them.

As a banking firm, it might feel peculiar why Erste Group has been consistent with its Christmas-themed ads since 2018. But the 13 million views to the recent ad alone in one month prove how engaging everyone found it.

So, what is the ad about?

Well, with global warming at large, more and more brands have been speaking about sustainability to enable a secure future for the generations to come. This ad revolves around the same theme.

We see a soon-to-be father reflecting on what his unborn child would think of his actions. Consequently, the character takes essential steps to play his part in preserving nature.

It’s emotional and hits the nail in the right spot with what the world needs to grasp – everything is possible when you #believeinyourself.

The Bottomline

All these ads and their engagement level tell us one thing: if you want to stay relevant to your audience, you have to create something that speaks directly to the consumers.

If they resonate with your viewers, consider it mischief managed!

If not, you always have a pro animation company to shake hands with – Animationprolabs.

Now, there’s only one thing left: getting started with your brand’s animated ad! ?