5 Testimonial Video Examples to Mark Your Success

They say a man is known by the company he keeps.

In the business world, we tweak it to mean ‘a company is known by the level of trust its customers or clients show.’

For any business to prosper, no number of sales and promotions can work if not for word of mouth.

In fact, the number of new clients you gain also depends upon the reviews your current users leave on your site, social media web page, or by telling their circle about it.

Here’s a quick stat checker to underline the significance of customer testimonials.

Although it may sound quizzical, users trust online stranger reviews as much as they would from family or friends – which brings us to the next topic in this blog.

What’s a Testimonial Video?

A testimonial video features real clients or customers narrating their experience with a company they purchased a product or hired services from. It’s an original way of telling how incredible a brand is. As a result, it works as a marketing tool to drive viewers down the sales funnel.

The main benefits a company (read: your) should go for investing in a testimonial video is to:

  • Develop trust
  • Add trustworthiness to marketing claims
  • Attract viewers
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Endorse reputation and expertise

There are a million ways to create terrific video testimonials. The quickest way is to sweep through how experts have been doing it.

So, buckle up because reading further down the examples will inspire you enough to have your creative juices flowing.

Examples of Testimonial Videos by Companies that Did it Right

#1 Celtra

Celtra is a Creative Management Platform for digital advertising. It operates as a self-service, cloud-based software that manages the entire creative lifecycle of any digital advertising campaign.

Established in 2006 by founder and co-founders Miha Mikek, Matevz Klanjsek, and Maja Mikek, Celtra has helped several renowned brands get attuned with the market trends by incorporating content and visuals in their campaigns via automation.
One such brand is Unilever, a multinational consumer goods company with its products spread across more than 190 countries. Unilever took Celtra’s help for their global and local marketing campaigns and found Celtra’s software solution as a one-stop-shop platform where they could feed data and make their ads dynamic and user-attractive.

Watch the testimonial below to see how a brand like Unilever is endorsing Celtra’s effectiveness.

#2 Zoom

Zoom became popular during Covid-19 times, nine years after it was established in 2011. It’s an online video conference software that serves as a communication tool for companies working remotely or with widespread offices in countries.

Among the various brands who found solace in making Zoom their virtual meeting place, HubSpot did too.

HubSpot is an inbound marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software platform that helps businesses boost their marketing skills. With their offices spread in Boston, Singapore, and San Francisco, it was impossible to coordinate remotely without a stable medium connecting the teams. So, finding Zoom solved HubSpot’s Business Development department’s problems.

Watch HubSpot’s VP Andrew Lindsay relate how easy his team found Zoom to use.

After watching this video, you can grasp how powerful a video testimonial from a renowned brand can help stamp another’s success story

#3 Berry Law Firm

Berry Law Firm was founded by two US Army veterans John S. Berry Sr. and John S. Berry Jr. Coming from the same place, the founders understand the emotional, physical, and mental complexities other veterans go through. So, when veterans find their way to Berry Law Firm to seek compensation for themselves, the attorneys go all in to fight for their client’s rights. And that’s what you’ll notice in this highly emotional and personal client testimonial.

Berry Law Firm has been serving clients since 1965, yet each testimonial they receive further alleviates their stance as a law firm that works to protect people’s lives.

#4 Yum Yum Videos

Yum Yum Videos is a video production company that started back in 2011. Renowned for providing animated videos like explainers, educational whiteboard videos, commercials, tutorials, and more, Yum Yum Videos has its clients spread across SaaS, finance, marketing, and many others.

Being a video animation company themselves, Yum Yum Videos added their own flavor into the testimonial video they recorded of one of their client’s Phelps Agency.

Watch how each interviewee gets their individual environment, camera angles, and the questions preceding their answers.

In short, this testimonial video takes the viewer on the step-by-step process of working with Yum Yum Videos and the final result their client achieved.

#5 Databricks

In a world driven by AI and data, Databricks has emerged as a successful data platform.

Databricks develops and sells cloud data platforms using the marketing term ‘lakehouse.’ Their clientele includes companies that use Databricks for data workloads like machine learning, data storage, processing, and business intelligence.
One of their clients is Showtime, a US-based tv streaming service with shows like Homeland, Shameless, etc.
Showtime used Databrick’s services to streamline their runtime, reducing it to four hours instead of working twenty-four hours.

Notice how the camera angle remains focused on the speaker, keeping the viewer intent to keep watching.

The Take-Away

Testimonials play a greater role than you can imagine where the customers do the talking for your brand. Not only does it encourage viewers to convert or try your services or product, but it also strengthens your brand capability and trustworthiness

The companies we’ve mentioned above have achieved great success because they realized the power of using testimonial videos as a marketing tool. And you can, too!

We’re sure you’ve found the inspiration to reach out to your clients and create a testimonial video for your brand.

Just in case you’re looking for an experienced hand, feel free to reach out to us at AnimationProlabs!