5 Product Demos You Can Take Inspiration from

According to a study, 84% of the people say watching a product demo convinced them to buy that product.

Imagine you’ve recently launched a product and are excited to tell people about it.

Now, one [read: outdated] way would be to sit with your prospects and explain your product’s features, usability, and benefits. But who has time for that? That’s where product demos come in.

Product demos are marketing videos that combine all the details briefly while keeping your audience hooked until the end. But in addition to that, they’re a great sales tool without you having to travel places or explain by yourself.

So, to inspire your next successful product demo, we’ve compiled a list of demo videos that we found captivating. We’re sure you’ll find your dose of inspiration by the end of this blog. ?


Let’s get started!


As a premium company in the tech-savvy world, Apple needs no introduction.

Whether it’s the Apple iWatch or iPhones, the brand’s products are loved by all and sundry. And not without reason.

One of the reasons is the hype each of their new product launches creates. For example, this product demo adds a touch to entice that effect.

With an intriguing storyline and acting on the lines of ‘show, don’t tell,’ Apple leaves an impact that’s enough to keep people talking way after the video ends. And that’s what you should aim for, too.

Takeaway :

Innovate to Inspire.



Grammarly is like a God-sent for copywriters and content creators.

As an AI-based digital writing tool, Grammarly does more than just benefit content writers. In fact, anyone who wants to write can use it – for assignments, emails, business writing, and everything that involves crafting words. The ease of using this tool certainly reflects in each ad the company creates.

This product demo tells us a crucial thing: if you want to convince your audience about your product, tell them like it is – all the features and their benefits in one place. Not only is it persuasive, but it also shows your product in action.

Takeaway :

Show How Your Product Works.


Zoom became a recognized platform in 2019 during Covid-19, nine years after its inception. And Zoom leveraged the need to the full advantage by offering what the world needed – to connect without barriers.

The product demo is no different. It focuses on what people can achieve using Zoom and what they’ll be missing out on without this innovative tool.

Takeaway :

Use FOMO to Captivate Audiences.

Mango Languages

Sometimes, you don’t need words to create an impact.

In a world that revolves around visuals and imagery, that’s all you need to get your message across. Mango Languages grasped this knowledge and implemented the same in their product demo.

Mango Languages is a language learning app for beginners and enthusiasts interested in expanding their linguistic skills.

The product demo uses typography, space-filling, and blink-in and blink-out effects to compel viewers to watch until the end. The background music also completes the engaging effect while complementing the message.

In just a minute and a few seconds over, the video delivers the app’s usability without a voiceover.

By the time you’ve finished watching it, you’ll be itching to try it, if only for once, to see all the features.

Takeaway :

Adopt Minimalism.

Ring Door View Cam

It’s all good to explain the benefits, but case scenarios are the best way to do that. And that’s what this product video uses as well.

Another great example of showing than telling, this product demo takes the viewers on a journey of how a Ring Door View Cam works for a family.

You see people using this unique product in different ways – using the mobile interface, benefiting from the speaker, and avoiding danger using the camera.

Takeaway :

Use Case Scenarios

Before You Leave

Product demos might take a lot more time to brainstorm a concise idea, produce a video, and deliver. However, the results are always fruitful if you’ve thought it thoroughly.

With consumers on a continuous hunt to find engaging videos, it’s the need of the hour for marketers to align their goals according to what the viewers want to see. Of course, it’s all about getting inspired to create something that delivers an impact. But at the end of the day, the ball remains in your court.

If you’re ready to swing the ball back and forth, we can help.

Animationprolabs is a video animation agency serving global clients. While our expertise spreads across multiple video types, we consider product demos our strong feat. And not without reason, as we’ve several successful demo videos under our belt.

Check out our portfolio to get inspired, or better yet, give us a shoutout, and we’ll buckle up to create an awe-inspiring video for your product too.