5 Best How-to Videos that Companies Have Used

Have you ever learned a new thing with a video tutorial?

In the modern world, it’s called a How-to video, and it’s something that’s taking everything by the storm. Don’t believe us? Here are some stats and facts:

  • 71% of the people watch two or more instructional videos every week.
  • 43% of the viewers prefer instructional and informational videos between 3-6 minutes. 15% prefer videos up to nine minutes.
  • Online searches (e.g., Google & YouTube) are preferred to find instructional video content.

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All of the above signifies the importance of adding how-to videos to your video marketing strategy. In fact, 45% of the marketers are already adding it into theirs. So, if you haven’t still made up your mind or grasped the full advantages, these how-to videos by renowned companies can give you ample reasons to modify your strategy.

Let’s get started.


#1 How to Join a Zoom Meeting

Gone were the days when people looked for instruction manuals to complete a task. Now, it’s the time of hunting for video content that makes lives manageable.

With one innovative technology after another targeting Millennials and Gen-Z, one can’t expect people to learn on their own.

Zoom understands and leverages it to the full extent. Since its inception, Zoom has taken active measures to close the virtual gap. Zoom meetings depict the same, and their how-to video does, too.

This tutorial video explains how you can join Zoom meetings to connect with your team in other parts of the world in just over a minute. The video uses actual screenshots to explain the process so you can learn to connect as you watch.

#2 How to Use Asana for Slack

If two attributes can make a video go viral, they are:

  • Being Memorable
  • Being Recognized

This how-to video series by Asana follows the same theme. Each video finishes in under two minutes and carries a consistent theme. So, the next time a viewer comes across the video, they can recognize the brand.

The video content takes the viewers on a journey to use the Asana planning calendar while keeping a light-hearted tone. This way, what would have been a boring how-to video, transforms into an engaging one.

#3 How to Make Animated GIF in Adobe Photoshop

The usual reaction after a tutorial video is usually this: ‘oh, this was so easy! I can do it!’ But what makes the process easy is how the video creator presents it.

That’s something Adobe Photoshop has mastered in their video.

So, what makes this tutorial stand out?

  • It’s ideal for first-time users looking for a quick but concise solution.
  • It eliminates clutter by showing the viewer only the features and buttons they need to create an animated GIF.
  • It zooms into the necessary information only, making it easier for the viewer to grasp the technology.

#4 How to Make Spaghetti

Tons of searches exist on ‘how to make spaghetti.

Imagine looking for a video that breaks down the complex cooking process and coming across one that tells you not only one but four ways to make spaghetti? And no, we’re not talking about hours here.

This video of Tasty by BuzzFeed ends in under two minutes and speeds up the cooking process. In short, it gives you all the information you need to cook the perfect meal without going into assembling, chopping, and other unnecessary steps.

Since viewers love watching shorter videos, this one is the ideal example to target more consumers in one go.

#5 How to Fold a Stack of T-Shirts

Sometimes, even seemingly mundane things require instructions. Especially in the crazily evolving world we live in, no one has time to stop and look back. After all, those who look back turn to stone. ?

With that said, let’s focus on this how-to video by Cleverly, which tells the viewer the hack to fold t-shirts easily.

The video is simple but effective in explaining what one needs to know. What’s more, it’s the perfect example of show, don’t tell without testing the consumer’s patience.

Since your audience’s attention span ranges between 4 to 8 seconds, it’s crucial to capture it before they run astray.

What Now?

There you have it. From big names like Zoom and Adobe to DIY content creators like Cleverly, every company is grasping the significance of how-to videos and their role in forming a string of loyal consumers.

So, if you haven’t still touched upon creating one, now is the time to tweak your video marketing strategy. You can also gain expert advice to develop simplified explainers or connect directly with professional animators at Animationprolabs.

Looking forward to that ping!