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Your brand is an answer to all the problems your prospects are going through. If this is the mindset you have chosen to win the branding game, then this blog is going to offer you a lot of incredible tips to learn. Through this blog, we will walk you through some remarkable tips for creating a killer whiteboard animation. But first, what is a whiteboard animation and why it is a supremely amazing platform for brand storytelling.

What is Whiteboard Animation?

A process in which a story is told using drawings on a whiteboard. The artist gives it a conceptualization in front of the camera and records every step he takes during the process.

Why Whiteboard Animation?

Do you want to tell your brand story differently – in a way that is more interesting and relevant to your target audience? If so, then you wouldn’t find a better platform than a whiteboard animation. It not only engages a viewer but gives you enough freedom to epitomize your core message in just the way your prospects expect.

Alright. Now, you know what a whiteboard animation really is. So, without further ado, it is the time to introduce you to five tried and test tips for creating an astonishing whiteboard animation.

Let’s dive in.

Workout a Story and Tell it Magnificently:

Who doesn’t want to hear a story that is well told? People get inspired when they hear/see something new, relatable, and unique. Unfortunately, it is where the majority of brands fail. And considering this as a vital opportunity, you can creatively utilize the power of storytelling to rise above.

Make sure that your brand story becomes an inspiration, a source of motivation to strike your customers’ attention. Make them feel compelled so that they have no other option than choosing you over others. Yes, you can do so with the help of a well-thought-out and perfectly executed story.

Bring Life to Your Story through Animated Characters:

A well-crafted animated character can add incredible value to your branded story. Therefore, to create brand awareness and entice your prospects for staying connected, you should come up with suitable characters to interpret your story amazingly.

For this, take your time, sit with your character designer, convey your intention, your ultimate goal and objective you have in mind so that the designed character exemplifies the exact feel you want to portray. It means a lot because no matter how exceptional your script is if it is not demonstrated beautifully, people won’t get attracted to it.

Illustrate Creativity with a Traditional Touch:

It is always good to go creative so that your end-product looks unique and entirely different for your customers. However, this approach sometimes impacts negatively and spoils the plan. Therefore, we would suggest you to illustrate creativity with a traditional approach.

When creating a whiteboard animation, you have got to remember the three very basic elements: the white background, the continuous black drawing, and the hand. Although these elements are the most basic ingredients to finalize any whiteboard animation but they work effectively anyhow. People like such a representation. And what majority of your audiences like should be your concern.

Therefore, be creative in your approach and make sure that you are incorporating the basics right to intensify your message.

Smart Use of Colors:

This tip may feel like a contradiction to the one mentioned above. But here, the inclusion of colors refers to the brand consistency.

Brands utilize several platforms to market themselves well. However, the one that maintains consistency and commonality in terms of colors and graphics gets special recognition. Got the point? We hope you do!

Without being hesitant, make creative use of your brand colors in your whiteboard animation to shed light on the important parts of your message you want to deliver.  All you want is to get your message across, right? So why not do that straightaway by accentuating your story’s main pointers with your branded theme colors?

Let Emotional References Play their Part:

We can’t keep the emotional factor away from branding. A stunning branding campaign is all about coming up with the solution in an emotionally appealing manner. Similarly, when working on a whiteboard animation, don’t miss out on evoking the perfect essence of emotion so that your message looks interesting and gives your audience a reason to stick around.

Always remember, your prospects are watching your whiteboard animation because they are looking to drive something out of it. Hence, whether your whiteboard is exemplifying emotions in a funny, humorous or nostalgic way, make sure that it grips the viewers nicely by offering something they can relate with.

Ending Note:

Keeping these above-mentioned tips in mind, we are pretty confident that creating a simple yet thought-provoking whiteboard animation for your brand will never be a daunting task. So, go on, sit with your team, jot down ideas, and come up with a mind-boggling whiteboard animation to tell your brand story in style.



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There are multiple ways of getting in touch with us. You can call us, leave a message, chat with us or fill out the details below and we will get back to you and discuss how we can help you improve the experience of your customers.