5 Reasons to Have an Animated Logo for Your Brand

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March 21, 2019

Just like you need a face to prove your identification, when it comes to branding, you need a logo to distinguish your brand from others. An attention-grabbing logo is one of the most integral branding components that can represent your corporate identity in an entirely customer-centric way – a way that entices your audiences and compels them to respond right away. And if it is an animated logo, you have all the chances to turn things your way.

An animated logo provides you with an opportunity to tell your branded story in an emotionally appealing way. It looks diverse and can be used creatively to stay ahead of others. And, it is what this blog is all about. Through this blog, we will accentuate some of the legitimate reasons to help you understand the importance of an animated logo and the wonders it can do.

So, whether you own a fashion brand, an online retail store, a digital agency, a non-profit organization or any business type, take a look at how an animated logo can turn out to be a value-added inclusion.

Keep the Viewer’s Attention Much Longer:

Branding is all about assuring your customers with an unforgettably emotional experience – the one that exemplifies uniqueness with a subtle touch of personalization. At this point, an animated logo can win you the game by captivating your customers’ attention much longer.

This point comes with a valid reason and we can’t deny it at all. A website visitor, a social media savvy, or anyone who might be interested in your services will be inclined more towards your brand’s logo if it envisions elegantly moving graphics than a static image. It eventually increases the time span and gives meaningful reasons to your customers to stay connected.

Gives an Edge for Better Storytelling:

The more sensible and emotionally connected you are with your customers, the better chances you have to achieve your business goals. At this point, an animated logo can be a pivotal bridge to assure an incredible boost to this approach. Let’s take an extract from reason one that people are attracted more towards actionable graphics. As a brand, you should consider this aspect as a great opportunity to signify your branded story in an entirely customer-centric way.

By applying animation to your branded logo, you are providing yourself with an extra edge to showcase story with impactful emotions and sentiments. This way, you will not only be doing a favor to your brand by staying different but will also be ensuring your customers with a reason to choose you over others.

Maintains the Flow & Consistency:

When managing your brand’s website, it is crucial for you to keep track of the bounce rate, as it works as a perfect indicator of how long a visitor is spending time. The lower the bounce rate, the more chances you have to increase your customers’ time span. And, if you wish to make your site more engaging, an animated logo can play a significant role.

A logo, as we all know, is displayed on top of any website. Now, imagine if it is an animated logo and creatively blended with the theme of your site, it can take the process of user-engagement to the next level by maintaining the flow and consistency. Your visitors don’t like to be distracted. So, it is you who have to meet their expectations by providing a user experience that is completely aligned and tells your brand story compellingly.

Enough Freedom to Go Creative:

If creativity is done with justice, it gets applauded. The good thing about an animated logo is, you always have enough freedom to incorporate creativity, just the way you want. However, it is totally up to you to utilize your ideas and transform them into a hit.

On the other hand, a static logo will not give you this much freedom to go creative with your thoughts. You always get limited space to go out-of-the-box, which ultimately distracts your customers, and all your efforts go in vain.

Looks Appealing on Mobile:

Mobile usage has surpassed the desktop quite significantly. Today, users prefer browsing the internet through their smartphones, which means whatever the strategy you have come up with, it should be purposefully targeted towards mobile users. An animated logo comes handy to back this reason, as it always accentuates your brand name and compels your intended audience to take notice. Such a logo type always looks appealing, and if it is created perfectly, your branded logo will have all the reasons in the world to induce your audience right away.

Being highly surrounded by a tough competition, you want your brand to standout at any cost. And using an animated logo design gives this fantastic opportunity to stay ahead and epitomize what your customers want to see and how they want to see it.

Concluding Thought:

All the aforementioned reasons are just a few to shed light on the importance of having an animated logo for your brand. However, they are good enough to highlight the benefits, exposure, and impact your brand can have. Therefore, if you are new to the business arena or already have an established reputation in the market, create an animated logo to strengthen your brand position and make its presence felt.



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There are multiple ways of getting in touch with us. You can call us, leave a message, chat with us or fill out the details below and we will get back to you and discuss how we can help you improve the experience of your customers.